Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Not quite "Wordless" Wednesday

When I got home from school today, this was on my steps... (wow, i really need to sweep the pollen off the porch)

Now normally I LOVE getting mail... But, when I saw the words "BarBri" I knew what it was--25LBS of law to learn this summer....It's going to be a LONG summer....

But on a more positive note... I did pick these up from the invitation place today. It's the announcement for my graduation party. I really like them! I didn't want them to scream graduation or law school. (the yellow labels are to cover up all the "identifying info.") I think they came out nice. (yes, they say bring a fishing pole-- my mom and dad insisted that some of the guys might wanna fish, I kinda think not..but, since they were paying for them...)

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