Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I haven't posted since my last exam.... yes, I survived. In fact, I had my best semester yet! And.... I am graduating (drum roll please....) magna cum laude...

I have been busy enjoying (soaking in) every last second of freedom.... There is so much that has happened in the last, what two weeks?? that I could write about or post a few pictures of. Since I probably won't have a whole lot to write about all summer (other than I studied. alot.), I'm sure I will have time to catch up.

I crammed a trip to Raleigh in there, a trip to Carolina/Wrightsville Beach and a graduation party in my honor at my parent's house. I will blog later about these adventures...

So, today was my first day of "official" bar prep class. 9:30-4. Not to bad. Our school gave us basically an hour by hour schedule for us to follows. So far this week I have followed it to a T. It's only been about 7 hours a day. But, all that is about to change next week.

Tonight was "MEMORIES and MOCKERIES" at my law school. Basically, students "spoofed" the professors. I spoofed one of my favorite professors, pink suit/leopard shoes and all. I got lots of laughs. I laughed so hard tonight that my stomach hurt. You know what I am talking about-- the kind where your chest gets tight and your cheeks feel like they are about to bust.
Oh, did it feel good. I can't remember the last time I laughed like that. And, boy did I need it.
I think laughter is one of the best things on earth. I hope that over the next 69 days of bar prep that I can keep a smile on my face and even belly laugh every now and then.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Today is the day! I can hardly stand it! I take my last final at 6:00 tonight. And then I am officially done with law school... I have a week off, then its 10-12 hours a day of studying for the next 10 weeks.

I have a lot to cram in the next week... I am going to Raleigh tonight with my husband and then the beach this weekend with my law school gals. I'm moving to Charlotte sometime next week.

Okay, back to Elder Law...