Monday, April 19, 2010

Dinner Theater

Yesterday was our youth group's annual dinner theater. The kids put on a show each year to raise money for their summer mission trip. This year they are headed to Chicago, Illinois to do construction work for needy families as part of a camp called World Changers.

Since we are currently without a youth minister, my husband and I as well as another couple having been working with our youth. This year much of dinner theater's planning was on our shoulders. It was a job, but it turned out great!

This is one of the drama's that they did yesterday. This is NOT our youth, but I found a version on youtube and wanted to share it because it is such a powerful message. No matter what we are struggling with in life, Jesus is there! You will have to turn off my music at the bottom of my blog, but believe me this is worth watching...

The song is "Everything," by Lifehouse....


  1. I just found your blog through Kellys and when I saw you wrote this I had to comment! I love, love LOVE this little video skit. I watched it years and years ago and just bawled at my computer. Such a great representation of the love of Jesus! Thanks for sharing. Yall are too cute.

  2. Thanks I love it too! I think the crowd was really moved! Thanks for stoppin by!