Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fives

Just Me and My Life
I decided to participate in Friday Five's over at Beth's Blog- Just me and my life. So today's topic is 5 thing you do not know about me.
(1) I am doing this to avoid writing a 25 page paper about preventing adoption disruption. (A paper my professor now wants me to get published in light of the recent adoption story about the little boy returned to Russia by his adoptive mother. stressful!)
(2) I got hit by a car going 40/mph once, while running across the street...
(3) In my next home, I want gas logs in my office and in my bedroom.
(4) I want to become an adjunct professor in addition to being a domestic attorney.
(5) One of my favorite things is getting snail mail! I just love peaking inside my mailbox to find something other than an ad or bill.
okay, so those were totally random.. back to my paper...


  1. Yay I love your list! I think there might need to be a seperate post about number 2-that scares me!

    Thanks for doing my Friday Fives!!! Happy Friday!

  2. #2: whoa. I'm glad you're alright!

    I love snail mail too!

    Good luck on that paper!

    Happy weekend!