Friday, March 26, 2010

Steals, Deals and Thrills

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I don't consider myself cheap, but I love a good bargain like anyone else! Brian is currently the only one working while I am in school. Living on one salary stinks... I am looking forward to taking the bar, passing (if all goes as planned) and starting work in early Sept.

Since this week was my spring break (or more appropriately, spring catch-up), I spent a good part of the week catching up on laundry, organizing, spending time with friends and SHOPPING....

Yesterday I hit Harris Teeter's sale up. I don't cut coupons. (1) I'm just not that organized and (2) We don't get the paper.... But, they had a lot of B1G1 items. I spent $25 and saved $35!!! Chicken Breasts were buy one get 2 FREE!! I got the following items for free: 4lbs of Chicken Breast, 2 bags of cheese and 1 jar of spaghetti sauce. And I got the following items 1/2 off: country crock and a square of sharp cheese..... (Tiffany, you would be proud. I bought the Vitamin D fortified country crock)

I also got some GREAT deals on toys from my "nieces" today. My brother and sister-in-law have 2 foster daughters whom I adore... I wish I could post pictures but for identity reasons I cannot. They will be celebrating there 6th and 7th birthdays really soon. For their birthdays one of them, who I affectionately call miss. priss, asked me to buy her "high heel shwoos and fancy dresses just wike wours Cawol" I looked at the outlets on Tuesday, but came up short... so I'm still on the hunt for fancy shoes and dresses!

But, I did find a great deal on clearance toys at K-mart. I ran into K-mart for dish detergent (because there is no target in our town and its 10x faster to get in and out of than Walmart), and they had a HUGE clearance on toys with an additional 50% off the clearance price.

I HAVE TO TELL YOU THIS MADE MY WEEK... okay, so growing up I had 2 favorite dolls and this was one of them... This is the 80's version of PJ sparkle. I'm pretty sure she is still in my closet at my parents house.

I found the "modern version" after Christmas and wanted to buy the girls both one, but they were $26.00... I decided "aunt cawol" just couldn't spring 50 bucks on dolls. ("uncle Bwian" would have killed her) But, GUESS WHAT? K-MART had them on clearance today and I got them for $9.50 EACH!!!!!

This is modern day PJ Sparkle. She is still delightfully tacky if you ask me!

I also got one of them the Three Musketeer's Barbie for $9.50 (org. 24.99) and the other twin Barbies for $7.50(org. 29.99)!

So I got $106.00 worth of toys for $36.00!!!

After buying all theses gifts, I needed some wrapping paper. I hit up the "mighty dollar." Let me tell you Mighty Dollar IS NOT your average dollar store. They sale NAME BRAND items...(I checked they are only located in NC and Kentucky). I bought 5 rolls of adorable wrapping paper originally from Swoozies for $1.00/each. If you don't know what Swoozies is, its an adorable gift store chain. Love it!

Here is the site:

I also got Sara Lee bread and bagels and 2 boxes of Duncan Hines cupcake mix, for a $1.00/each!

So that's my week of deals, thrills and steals...

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  1. this is a very informative post! I did not know about Mighty Dollar! I'm so jealous that you are so close to the outlets..looks like I need to hit up a Kmart...