Sunday, March 21, 2010

Seriously, Spring Break?

The title of this post represents the fact that I have spent the last two hours in my office reviewing practice MBE (multistate bar examination) questions. Did I mention I am still not done? I have to go through 60 questions that I missed on a practice MBE and explain why I missed each question. It's due tomorrow the first "official" day of spring break. While very helpful, its NOT how I want to spend my spring break. Not to mention that I have to do another 3 hour practice test over break.

Okay, I'm done whining! :) Let me talk about something AMAZING! The weather yesterday! 75 degrees in sunny North Carolina.

I found any excuse possible to be outside, including washing my car! I got my exercise in let me tell you. I took Macie, my adorable 2 year old toy poodle, on such a long walk that she got tired and eventually just sat down.

Today, I had nursery at church. Oh, how I love me some babies! (for about an hour) Mr. Brian says I can't get attached because I'm not getting one anytime soon. I get my "fix" when we have nursery duty.

After church we had lunch with Brian's family. His lil' sis MK was heading back to college this afternoon after a week of having her home on spring break.

Since it is my spring break, I decided to read a book. Law school doesn't leave a girl very much time for leisurely reading. This is what I choose:

I started it last night. By started, I mean I read 100 pages. ;) So far its good, not my favorite yet. Before law school I had read all of his novels, now I am probably behind 1 or 2. Love some Nicholas Sparks!

Well good night blog world! Even though its Spring Break I agreed to do some legal research for the firm I work for tomorrow. Guess I better not stay up too late reading.


  1. Oh My Goodness...I didn't realize MK was in college! Where did the time go and where is she going?

  2. I know! time flies.. she is a Wolfpack girl, what other kind of girl is there?