Saturday, July 3, 2010


Hello Blog World,

I'm still hanging in there... A little FREAKED out that I only have three more weeks to cram all this material in my little brain. I am a little too frazzled to really write something cohesive that is not a legal essay so its going to be bullet points today folks.

Highlights of my week:
  • #1 Learning that I am going to be an Aunt to a precious baby boy (again)... No name yet, although my brohter tells me it will be "Jethro Omar" .... pretty sure his wife is NOT down with that...
  • #2 My sister-in-love asked my little nephew (22 mos) if he was going to the beach this weekend, and he replied, "uhh huh, with 'Cawwol' and 'May-SEEE.'" Poor babe, he misses his aunt 'cawol' and can't figure out why I study all the time. He is in LOVE with my puppy. Too bad she had to crush his little heart by telling him Aunt Carol would be at home studying

  • taking a practice full length MBE (1/2 of the bar exam) and PASSING!!!!!!
  • finding my new FAVORITE nail polish and getting a mani/pedi with my momma..Is this color not to DIE for.. Its OPI's "strawberry margarita"

Did I mention the lady gave me a 5 minute back massage during my mani!!!!!!! I SERIOUSLY COULD HAVE KISSED HER FEET.... after spending all day every day for the past 6 weeks hutched over reading/taking notes or typing outlines, my back was in dire need of some TLC...

I am taking the WHOLE day off tomorrow and floating in the pool....This fourth of July gives the term "independance day" whole new meaning... tomorrow I will be indepedant from the torture of bar prep.

Happy 4th and God BLESS America. Be sure to keep those fighting for our freedom in your thoughts today, tomorrow and everyday!

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  1. look at that big boy...Looks just like his momma! At least you get a break and it's almost over!