Friday, July 16, 2010

Hot Mess

I'm still alive.... But this studying 14+ hours a day is wearing me out!

Ya'll should see me.. I look like a HOT mess! I cant remember the last time I dried my hair or put on make up... I realized at about 8 o'clock tonight that I never even got out of my pjs today. Which wouldn't be quite as gross if they weren't the same pjs I wore all day yesterday... haha. Ahhh.. the joys of cramming for the bar. Yes, thats right cramming.. I'm past the point of studying now.

On a postive note: 9 more days of studying... 2 days of testing and then it is sweet summer time for this Carolina girl....

I have to admit that my mind sometimes wanders to the "what ifs"? (the what ifs being, the what if i fail this test?) I mean I know its just a test. But I am so ready to put school behind me. (not to mention the student loans... AHHH!!!!) I'm ready to just have a normal schedule and life with Brian. I have been in "crazy law school mode" for all three years of marriage. This is sad, but I seriously don't know what married couples do when they are both at home at night... I feel like all I have done is study... And Brian fills his time with church softball, coaching, tv, and the occassional playstation game. I'm going to have to get some hobbies...

Did I mention I am taking the WHOLE month of August off????


I'm already making a to do list:

(1) sleep
(2) get all this bar prep weight off (p.s. I dont want to talk about it.)
(3) clean my house, I mean DEEP clean...
(4) make a "gift wrapping" corner in our bonus room
(5) a highlight/eyebrow wax and cut(Tiffany, if you saw my roots right now you would die!)
(6) organize my office
(7) get a massage
(8) get a facial (did i mention that at 25 I have acne for the first time in my life?)
(9) buy or borrow a sewing machine... (this just might be my new hobby...)

i'm sure there is more... but this girl is too tired....

night ya'll!

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  1. Good to hear you don't have too much longer of all the studying! Bless your heart! That is a lot of reading in a day! But your list definitely has things to look forward to, I think the massage will definitely be a must, and if you find a good sewing machine let me know, I'm looking for one too!